Five Ways to Wellbeing

Published on: 22nd July, 2021 in

Extensive research has shown there are 5 simple activities you can incorporate into daily life to improve your sense of wellbeing.
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The acronym CLANG is a good way to remember what the 5 Ways are:

  • Connect – Reach out to your local community, neighbourhood, colleagues, family and friends.
  • Learn – Learning new things can be fun and can improve your confidence. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Share what you have done with others.
  • be Active – Exercising makes us feel good. If you can get outside, try and go for a walk everyday. Discover a physical activity you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.
  • take Notice – Look out as well as in. Notice your senses and what’s around you. Pay attention to the present moment. Some people call this awareness “mindfulness”.
  • Give – Acts of giving and kindness can help improve your wellbeing by creating positive feelings and a sense of reward, purpose and self-worth. They also help you connect with other people.

As lock down restrictions ease, it is still important that we continue to pay close attention to our own health and wellbeing and that of those around us.

Think of these as your 5 a day for positive wellbeing.

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