How we support you

If you are motivated to kick-start your journey into employment in Brighton and Hove or West Sussex, we are motivated to help you!

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How we support you

If you are motivated to kick-start your journey into employment in Brighton and Hove or West Sussex, we are motivated to help you!

Whether you are looking to work for the first time, or to return to work after time away, our dedicated Routes advisers can help you to achieve your ambitions and goals.

You may need help with the practical stuff like CV writing or developing skills, or perhaps you’d like to gain some valuable work experience. Maybe confidence or health issues make it hard for you to find work. Whatever your circumstances, you will have your own dedicated Routes adviser to help you make real progress towards better work opportunities.

What your Routes journey will look like

Getting to know you

First of all, you’ll meet your personal Routes adviser who will be the person supporting you throughout your journey with Routes. Our advisers are qualified and experienced in supporting you through your journey towards employment.

They will help you to set realistic goals to help you achieve your work ambitions. Together you will identify your current strengths, skills and opportunities for development.

There is no set time to meet your adviser – meeting time is flexible to suit your needs.

The help, support, kindness and knowing someone out there was on your side made a real difference.

Creating a plan

Your Routes adviser will help you design a plan of action – a step-by-step guide to suit your current circumstances, build your strengths, and identify areas you could develop.

Activities in your personal development package might include:

  • Practical employment preparation – such as CV writing, learning, skills, work experience, volunteering, or digital skills.
  • Help to overcome barriers to work – such as improving confidence and self-esteem, mental and physical health, finances, or housing.
  • Financial support – such as travel, childcare, training, DBS checks, proof of identity (like a passport or driving licence), uniform or clothing.

“The internship did a lot for my confidence having been out of work for a long time. It is not just about developing skills but social interaction and re-acclimatising to work.  It gave me confidence to work with others.”

Getting ready

You will have regular progress reviews with your Routes adviser, keeping you on track to ensure you complete your activities and learning.

Along the way, you will be gaining confidence, developing your skills and qualifications, gaining workplace experience and getting to know professionals.

“You are brilliant, really helpful and lovely. I really enjoyed the courses and am feeling much more confident”
Young woman, single parent

Getting out there

Finally, your Routes adviser can connect you into a range of opportunities to help you begin job searching, including completing job applications, practicing interview techniques, networking and help with setting up your own business or social enterprise.

Routes can lead to all kinds of jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities. Previous Routes participants have achieved roles such as:

  • Teaching assistant  
  • Forklift driver
  • Electrician
  • Accountant
  • Barista
  • Chef
  • Environmental grants officer
  • HR assistant
  • Care worker

Once you have joined Routes, you’ll be able to access free support at one of our three partner organisations located in Brighton and Hove and West Sussex. Start your Routes journey today.

Our results show that with the right kind of support, people can move closer to the job market (for example doing the first job application in years, securing the first job interview in ages) and even get a job.
Routes Coordinator.