Career Journeys

Discovering your dream job and what you are meant to do in life is a journey.  Everyone’s journey is different.

Our ‘Helpful Resources’ provide a lot of advice and support for preparing yourself for a job and then getting that job.  People who are happiest are usually working in roles that they love or that give them a sense of purpose or are creating something they believe in.

There are many routes to discovering your perfect job. Each job you have will provide you with an opportunity to pick up new skills and experience, helping you to understand what you enjoy doing or what you are particularly good at and leading you to the next job.

You may find inspiration from talking to people who are already working in areas that interest you and finding out how they got to that job.  Some journeys have been shared with us below.

Nicole’s Career Journey

Nicole Monney: Community Learning & Arts Coordinator, The Hangleton & Knoll Project
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Katherine’s Career Story

Katherine Shepherd: Routes Compliance Officer, Community Works
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Anne’s Career Journey

Anne Caborn: Yoga Teacher, Yoga 6
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