Learning, Skills and Training

You’re never too old to learn!

Learning is good for us whether its work related or outside of work. It is proven to help our brains, to stave off illness and make us happier.

Being open to learning new things for work or pleasure, developing new skills and getting qualifications improves our ability to do our jobs, prepares us for promotions and makes us more employable. It helps you to keep up to date with developments in your industry. Good employers recognise that well trained employees are good for their business.

If you want to attend a course or train you can ask for time off to do so. Your employer doesn’t have to pay for it, but some may well do and often have budgets for training that is relevant to the workplace. Talk to your employer about any in-house training and other support they provide. Find out more about your training rights.

You are brilliant, really helpful and lovely. I really enjoyed the courses and am feeling much more confident.
Young woman, single parent

Remember too, there are many free courses available online now which you can complete in your own time if your employer is unable to help.

Learning for your own pleasure about things that interest you is equally good, and you don’t always have to work towards a qualification.

The more you learn, the more you learn and the more you want to learn. 

Our Advisers Top Tips: Learning at Work

Aradhana says: Learning is essential for staying on top of things.

Claire says: When you have settled into your job you may want to learn more about your role.  Talk to your boss about being able to set aside a few hours a week to be able to do this.

Jayne says: If you are going to learn outside of work, set yourself a goal of learning for say three hours a week and consider how you like to learn – by yourself from a book or online, in a class with others, or by doing. Find courses that suit your preferred style.

Mirco says: Just learn for fun if you are not ready to do anything work related. It will get you into the habit of learning new things and having a curious mind.

Nicole says: Learning new skills that can be used in the workplace can be achieved by volunteering outside of work time. For example, volunteering as a school governor.


Your local college and training providers have a range of courses and fee mechanisms that make learning more available to us.

Here are some local providers:

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