Strive For Diversity

Published on: 21st March, 2022 in

The world of work is changing for the better.
Never before has more emphasis been put on the value of employees – and it looks as if employers appreciating their employees’ value is continuing to become something that everyone can celebrate. Flexibility, work-life balance, inclusion and diversity are amongst the key ideas companies are embracing in building a culture that works better for everyone.
But why are companies doing this, and what do they hope to achieve?
Obviously, initiatives to promote diversity promote a company’s reputation, but as more companies have tried to become more diverse, the benefits they have discovered have meant so much more!
Diversity enhances creativity, fosters innovation, and helps companies really understand what their customers want. After all, a workplace that better reflects the diversity of its customer base is much more likely to understand its needs and can satisfy them better – and a diverse workforce can generate new ways of approaching business and problem-solving too.
Where employees feel that their identities are valued and celebrated, conflict is reduced and staff tend to stay in the organisation for longer, which also aids stability and builds a stronger team.
A diverse workforce can really benefit a business. Research from managing consultants McKinsey included 180 companies in UK, France and Germany, shows that the more diverse a company is, the more successful they tend to be: businesses in the top 25% for racial, ethnic or gender diversity are between 15% and 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective median averages. Deloitte, the multinational professional services network, calculates that encouraging diversity can reduce risks by 30% while improving innovation by 20%.
So, next time you are applying for a job, celebrate what makes you different – it might be just what the company are looking for and set you apart from the crowd.