The future of adult skills and lifelong learning

Published on: 31st October, 2019 in

people looking at computerWhat do we mean by ‘adult skills’ and ‘lifelong learning’? And why are they important?

People with more skills and a willingness to learn tend to be able to secure work more easily. Today, education tends to be focused during our childhood and early adulthood. But why should it stop there?

The benefits of gaining new skills as an adult and accessing learning opportunities throughout our lives are huge. With the introduction of more and more technology-based jobs, we will all need to learn new skills to adapt to the changing labour market.

In the summer of 2019, the UK government released an Adult Skills and Lifelong Learning Inquiry, where they examined the benefits of adult skills and lifelong learning.

In response, Nesta – an organisation that looks at innovative ways to tackle big societal problems – published an article all about how important it is for adults to gain the skills necessary for today’s job market.

Four things Nesta has learned about adult skills