Free travel help, if looking for work or starting a new job

Published on: 24th April, 2020 in

If you live in Portslade, Hove or central/east Brighton and are looking for work, you can claim financial help from Brighton and Hove City Council.

The council is offering up to £300-worth of help towards a bike or trike as ¾ of the cost, and/or towards the first month of bus or train travel to a new job when moving on from unemployment.  When Covid-19 allows, they will also return to their led walks and free kit for walking: waterproof shoes and coat.

In Portslade this year, they are also offering to pay for small improvements to walking or cycling facilities.  Elsewhere in response to residents’ requests improvements have included path drainage, wooden steps for a short-cut, and lockable bike sheds.

The project area is Hove and Portslade west of The Drive (King’s House), and central/east Brighton from the Palace Pier to Falmer and the marina.  For more information, please contact Simon Hickmott on 07876 394 865 or

Other travel help from the council includes free membership of the bikeshare scheme for NHS workers (see and select annual membership and NHS staff option), and for home care workers whose firm has a contract with the council (staff to ask their manager).